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Facebook: It’s amazing who’s looking at your posts!

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: When are kids going to learn that anything posted on the Internet is potentially exposed to the world? As a hiring manager, I am floored by the number of applicants…

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Dear 16-year-old You, read this column!

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: I’m glad I don’t have worse concerns than this, but my daughter is going to Mexico with another family and I’m worried she will cook herself on the…


Strip poker sheds clothes, shreds friends

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: Last weekend at a birthday slumber party, one of the pushier girls suggested we turn our regular poker game into strip poker. Well, I was the only one who chose not…


Choking game hits close to home

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: I just read about the boy who died playing the choking game. This really scares me because my sister and some of her friends sometimes do it in our room. I showed her…


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